Have You Sprained Your Ankle?

A sprained ankle occurs when a person twists their ankle in a way that tears through the ligaments that support the ankle. When the ligaments are forced beyond normal range of motion, a sprain occurs. Sprained ankles are very painful and may require a visit to the foot and ankle clinic winter park fl to treat, depending on the injury’s severity.

If you suspect a sprained ankle, you should use over-the-counter pain medication to stop the pain and ice packs to minimize the swelling. Wearing a brace or a badge on the ankle is also a good idea that will minimize some of the pain when you walk and help strengthen the ankle. It is weakened during and after a sprain.

How is it possible to tell that you have a sprained ankle? There are many signs that indicate the problem. Usually, you’ll feel pretty intense pain the moment of the sprain and moments later, the following signs and symptoms:

·    Pain when putting pressure on the foot

·    Tenderness in the ankle/foot

·    Restricted motion

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·    Bruising

·    Popping noises at the time of the injury

There are many things that can cause a sprained ankle. This includes awkwardly landing on your foot in a way that twists it, someone stepping on your foot, playing sports, and walking on uneven surfaces. Ankle sprains are common with people who play sports.

Should You Call the Doctor?

If the signs and symptoms above seem severe or if the angle does not show improvement within a few days, it is important to call the doctor. You may need to go in and see the doctor to get the right treatment. It could also be that the sprain is actually a fracture which always needs the attention and expertise of a doctor.