Common Signs That You Have the Flu

Although the weather is starting to warm up all across Dallas, the nights are still chilly and germs are still floating through the air, leaving everyone in the city susceptible to colds and illnesses even though winter is finally behind us. So many people think that conditions such as influenza occur only when it’s cold outside during the winter months but the truth is, the flu is a respiratory virus that you can develop any time of the year.

Most people who are sick with the flu are fully aware that something more dire than just a common cold is affecting them. They feel horrible, and there are a slew of symptoms and side effects that come along with the flu that simply do not come along if you’re sick with a common cold. Most common signs that you have the flu include:

·    Fever

·    Not urinating

·    Muscle pain

·    Weakness/Unsteadiness

·    Fatigue & tiredness

·    Sore throat

·    Runny nose

·    Persistent cough

·    Headaches

·    Muscles aches & pains

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·    Vomiting and/or diarrhea

·    Shortness of breath

This is not a full list of symptoms and side effects of influenza but the most common. Keep in mind that severity of the symptoms varies from one patient to the next and not every person has all or the same symptoms.

If you think that you have the flu, it’s probably a good idea to get to the healthcare clinic Dallas to see a doctor. The flu is no laughing matter and for some people, it’s not going to get better until this visit to the doctor is made. He can confirm the condition and provide a few feel-better solutions to ease some of the aches and pains that come along with the flu if this condition is what’s ailing you. Most people have symptoms of the flu only for a few short days, but it can last for up to two weeks. Do not suffer for days on end if you are sick with the flu.