Low Testosterone Levels Are One Of The Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Among the other causes of erectile dysfunction are the following. The common causes of erectile dysfunction are obesity and excessive bouts of smoking and drinking. It tends to get worse as the men get older. Speaking of ageing, mature aged men can begin to experience problems with their prostate. This is another cause of erectile dysfunction. Affecting men of all ages these days is the problem of diabetes as well as heart disease.

These two serious conditions will have a dramatic effect on the man’s ability to function sexually. There is no longer a magic cure pill for men that can help them rid themselves of ED. That does not work, it has been proven. Prescribed medication is also another cause of erectile dysfunction. Men with high levels of stress and anxiety also have a tendency to lose their ability to function well sexually. Well then, enough heartbreak for one afternoon.

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Or evening, depending on what time it is over where you are. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED or impotence) you are not lost, nor are you alone. The problem afflicts around forty percent of the male population. That’s nearly half. The best remedies for curing erectile dysfunction are now all natural. And it has to start at your low t clinic. You will be in touch with a sensitive and caring medical specialist.

He will diagnose your acute and unique symptoms and decide from there on what course of remedial action to take. Apart from utilizing non-invasive non-surgical treatments, you can expect your practitioner to read you the riot act if you have been guilty of abuse. Nevertheless, he will always take your condition seriously. He only wants the best for you, you know. The good news is that, provided that you are going to be playing ball, the treatments that may be prescribed have a high success rate.

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